Water Meter

Prepaid Metering System

The Prepaid Meter is the most advanced type of water metering. It is an effective income generating system for water sales. It offers benefit to both the water utility company and customers. The meter makes use of  a meter card compatible with Automatic Meter Reading System (AMR) for transfer of liters of water purchased from the water company or sub dealers into the system (prepaid meter).


  • The meter can be placed either above ground (ref B900) or wall mounted (ref B92).
  • Automatic dispenser configuration
  • Monthly consumer consumption profile
  • In-built battery
  • Reading accuracy span through 8-10 years

The display screen indicates;

  • Credit purchased
  • Credit remaining
  • Battery low icon

Benefits of  Prepaid meters to water utility

  • Constant revenue
  • Eliminates the need for meter readers
  • No billing required
  • Reduction in operating cost due to consciousness of people in wastages
  • Once credit is exhausted it automatically cuts supply of water
  • No estimation on monthly charges i.e. individuals are charged according to what they consume

 Benefits to the Consumer

  • Provides consumer the ability to budget in line with their resources
  • Complete elimination of “guesstimated” meter readings
  • Gives the consumer control on the amount of water used
  • Builds consumer’s confidence in the water utility company